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Gustavo Lecce is born in the Silver in 1967. Of boy it practices Tae Kwon-do and athletics. But ahead one inclines by the arts, beginning his studies in dramatic art and corporal language, in which it would include techniques of contemporary dance. In 1990 it begins his studies in Contact Improvisation, initiating a work of exploration, of which it would make his practice and investigation. It studies with Alma Falkemberg, Nancy Stark Smith, Alito Alessi (from which it takes elements of Bodywork), Martín Keogh, Andrew Harwood and Camilo Vacalebre, between masterful golds in Argentina and Europe. In its exploration of the Contact- Improvisation pure dynamics looks for to orbit alrededor de, of the clean, free movement of forms. It investigates in the damping by reflection and the structural force like trigger of the slightness. At the present time, one dedicates to the practice and investigation in groups of performers, with the intention of not losing the essence of the C.I. From 1994 it teaches in diverse centers and institutions of Bs. Ace, the Silver, and Rosary. Recently it has been summoned to give a series of intensive factories in the Civic Center Barceloneta (2º annual festival of C.I. in Barcelona, Spain). Improvisation works in the Catedra de Contact, and of Partenaire in the Superior National Institute of the Teaching staff of Dances Maria Ruanova.